We make
digital health.

As a digital product studio, we take your idea and create a product your customers love.


Rapid Prototyping

We just do it.

With an overnight prototype, we make the core of your idea tangible in two days. (If you think bigger, we also sprint for 5–10 days.)

Example: “Uber for pharmacies”

We believe in prototyping because …

  • ideas that can be experienced create more energy and persuasive power

  • experiencing solutions leads to better and faster decisions than thinking about them

Ideation & idea challenging

Let’s be real:

When was the last time you talked with your users? Through co-creation, we ideate solutions together with future users. 

Example: Scribbling a service platform for digital healthcare with physicians

We believe that solutions get better …

  • when they are validated and improved with users right from the start

  • when user feedback is not a one-time event, but guides development iteratively

Minimum viable product

Beefing it up

We develop all mandatory elements to bring the product to life and we support you all the way to the alpha version.

Example:  A database for digital healthcare

Paving the way for digital medicine

  • 7 weeks from idea to first live version

  • Our own product by conviction


Who does it

We know what we do because we’ve been doing it long enough. At Spirit Link, we all’ve been working together on digital healthcare projects for 10 years. 

    • Hands-on manager
    • Diving passionately into our customers’ world for 20 years
    • Untiringly fights the status quo, where it’s worth it
    Gunther Tutein
    • 13 years of digital conceptual work
    • 3 years as psychologist in a somatic rehabilitation facility
    • Pushing user value
    Karin Tröger
    • Award-winning UX/UI designer
    • Designing digital surfaces for 15 years
    • Creates magical onscreen user experiences
    Martina Pröger
    • Physician with 2 years of experience at hospital
    • 15 years medical editorial work and consulting
    • Helps us keep the edge on healthcare trends
    Susanne Rödel
    • 12 years of experience as IT consultant
    • Digital expertise in games and healthcare
    • The “can-do” type of tech-guy
    Hajo Hoffmann
    • Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience
    • Passionate about work culture
    • The visionary driver in the team
    Markus Hanauer


Have you ever called a number on a website?

Let’s do it, if only for 5 minutes.

Gunther Tutein

T: +49 (0) 91 31 / 97 79 20

  • To change healthcare, there is a better way than slide decks.

  • It’s the user experience that turns a great idea into a great product. 

  • Prototyping is adrenaline for your project.

  • Start with making the idea tangible for users.

  • Iteration and user feedback do more good than huge documents in endless feedback-loops*.
    *But we’ll also make it through those together.

  • With prototyping, coordination in the big corporation is more fun.